Perfect for Extended periods of time.

Do you need a portable restroom trailer for an extended term that can serve the needs of a sizeable number of people? Elite Restrooms' double ADA nine-station restroom trailer has nine stalls for men and women with all the amenities of your home restroom.

The trailer is 100 percent ADA compliant, with a catwalk and ramp system and handicapped stall with its own bathroom, sink, paper towel dispenser, and more. It's double wheelchair accessible design places it above the rest, and will help you accommodate the needs of all your guests with ease of access and plentiful amenities.

Our nine-station restroom trailer is designed to meet your needs and budget, and promises to impress your guests. There are only a few trailers of this size and functionality in the country, so contact Elite Restrooms today to book it for your event – anywhere in the nation!