The Best Portable Toilet Rentals in Tyler, TX

Need a portable restroom for your next outdoor event?

Elite Restroom Trailers was founded in January 2015 by Cory Caldwell. Born and raised in Tyler, the Caldwells care about the community and the people here, and they are passionate about providing an excellent portable restroom experience to your event attendees.

Give your guests the most comfortable portable restroom experience in Tyler, TX.

With over 20 parks, a revitalized downtown, and a thriving community, Tyler, TX is known for its fun and family-friendly events. Let Elite Restroom Trailers care for your guests’ restroom needs at your next outdoor event.

Our three-station restroom trailers gives your guests the privacy they need with three fully enclosed restroom units: one unit for men, and two for women. Additionally, each trailers’ 500-gallon waste tank can handle up to 1,500 odor-free flushes, making it perfect for your medium to large event.

Each unit is furnished with a full vanity, mirror, hard surface countertop with a stainless steel sink, and motion activated paper towel dispenser, allowing your guests to wash their hands and freshen up before they leave the restroom.

All of our units are climate controlled, giving your attendees relief from the harsh weather while using the restroom. Additionally, the spacious interior allows your guests to move around comfortably or take their small children to the bathroom without feeling cramped.

Designed to fit your event and budget.

Our competitive prices make your choice to rent an Elite Restroom Trailer, rather than multiple compact and smelly porta-potties, an easy one.