Elite Restroom Trailers is committed to making your outdoor event a pleasant experience for your guests when they have to “go.” Let us care for your attendees’ restroom needs at your next outdoor event.

The best portable restroom experience in Longview

Famous for its annual AlleyFest and The Great Texas Balloon Race, Longview is no stranger to outdoor events. The city’s annual festivals, historic downtown, and fun community attracts thousands of attendees every year. Our mission is to make them feel welcome and comfortable at your event when nature calls.

Each of our Elite Restroom Trailers features three completely private and self-contained restrooms, with one unit for men and two for women.

Perfectly designed for medium to large events, our 500 gallon waste tank can handle up to 1,500 odor-free flushes. So we’ll care for your guests whether your event lasts for hours or days.

Unlike small porta-potties, our portable restrooms come with full vanities, including a mirror, hard surface countertop with a stainless steel sink, and a motion activated paper towel dispenser. Because washing your hands after you use the restroom should be a right, not a privilege.

Best of all, our portable restroom trailers are climate controlled and offer plenty of space, allowing your guests to feel comfortable when they need to use the restroom.

And your attendees with small children will thank you for giving them space to take their kids to the restroom without feeling cramped.

Designed to fit your event and budget.

Rather than renting multiple porta-potties for your outdoor event, let us give you a competitive quote that will provide your guests with a good experience at a reasonable price to you.